Friday, January 21, 2011

Wrap your baby in cream wool

Well, would you just look at these two beauties! Their parents know a thing or two about what babies are best wrapped in...

Beautiful soft cream wool. 100% Australian wool too, knowing them!

You can achieve a little of the royal touch with these gorgeous cream wool items from Shnookies...

Shnookies cream wool slippers, with chocolate velvet trim.

Beautiful cream and taupe ponchos, for newborns and babies up to four months old. Hand made in natural wool, featuring a wooden toggle button, securely fastened.

Soft, warm and gorgeous Shnookies pram blanket. The perfect size for a pram, stroller, bassinet, basket or cot. 100% Australian wool with chocolate velvet ribbon.

The Shnookies etsy shop is currently featuring items in a gorgeous range of colours (including ponchos and blankets), but keep checking back for items such as these in beautiful cream.

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