Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby succulents

Here are some baby succulents I have potted recently. Aren't they cute? The retro glazed pots seem to suit them so well.

To grow your own succulents, simply take a single leaf from an existing plant. Let it rest somewhere for a couple of days, so the base callouses over. Then plant it in damp soil and water it again after a few days.

(Or if you are lazy like me, plant it immediately in dry-ish soil and then water a couple of days later.)

Succulents seem to like lots of sun and a bit of water. They can cope with very little water, but seem to do better if they are given a drink!

One of my favourite succulents, the jelly bean ones seen here, came from Jasmin from Mummy's Favourite Things. Thank you- from just one leaf I have grown so many little plants!

So go walk to a friend's house. Take a beautiful tote bag- Bundarra bags are the best. Ask to have a leaf from one or two of their nicest succulents, and start your own succulent garden!

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