Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mud love

Mud ceramics are amazing. Their shop window is always stacked high with delicate bowls and platters, jugs and cups and plates all in beautiful colours.

Everything has their wonderful glazed inner and matte outer surfaces. So tactile and lovely.

Having received two Mud platters last year I can attest to their usefulness and beauty. A wonderful gift!

You must go check out Mud for their irregular, beautiful ceramic homewares!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bundarra Bags on sale!

Bundarra Bags is having a sale!

So exciting- there are new bags in the shop and they are stunning!

Mosaic Tote

Summery, stylish and so desirable...

I use mine every day and can't go back to heavy boring bags. Each Bundarra bag is unique, handmade and beautiful. Yet tough and practical- use it as a baby bag, a handbag, a shopping bag... I could go on and on!

Go here to check out the sale details and discount code, then get shopping!!

Here is
my favourite. A perfect bag for mum to stash everything she needs! I love the quilting, it is so gorgeous...

Hamptons Quilted Tote

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shnookies travel dreams: Canada

Canada, you look so beautiful! Somehow there is a real affinity between Canada and Australia.

Here is what we are dreaming of...

And a few Shnookies items that keep the Canadian vibe going...

Red wool poncho- just like a Mountie!

A warm brown vest and velvet ribbon slippers, like a real life teddy bear!

A chic navy cuffed jacket to wear in Frenchy Montreal!

A turquoise beanie to keep warm in picturesque Lake Louise!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shaded garden

In a quiet shady spot, this part of the garden is doing so well! It is full of mints, gardenias, peace lilies, bromeliads and cycads.

There is also a bonsai fig tree, a trailing succulent and other hidden treasures.

Often it is just a matter of finding the right spot for the plant. And then it does well all on its own!

Elsewhere, this is happening... Passionfruit! We found lots more fruit on the vine yesterday. Looking forward to eating some soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful baby photos

Here are some wonderful baby photos from the lovely Lucy Leonardi. If you live in Sydney you might be lucky enough to be able to have Lucy photograph your baby (or wedding!).

Her photos are so enchanting...

And for tips on taking your own brilliant baby photos,
go here for the low-down. It's a time that really doesn't last long, so make sure you get some beautiful shots of your beautiful baby!

All photos by Lucy Leonardi

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wrap your baby in cream wool

Well, would you just look at these two beauties! Their parents know a thing or two about what babies are best wrapped in...

Beautiful soft cream wool. 100% Australian wool too, knowing them!

You can achieve a little of the royal touch with these gorgeous cream wool items from Shnookies...

Shnookies cream wool slippers, with chocolate velvet trim.

Beautiful cream and taupe ponchos, for newborns and babies up to four months old. Hand made in natural wool, featuring a wooden toggle button, securely fastened.

Soft, warm and gorgeous Shnookies pram blanket. The perfect size for a pram, stroller, bassinet, basket or cot. 100% Australian wool with chocolate velvet ribbon.

The Shnookies etsy shop is currently featuring items in a gorgeous range of colours (including ponchos and blankets), but keep checking back for items such as these in beautiful cream.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spotlight: Shnookies Angel Jackets

The Shnookies Angel Jacket is an absolute classic. It is beautifully made from 100% wool, with old world charm and a modern twist.

The Angel Jacket is perfect for newborn babies and up to three or four months old. Layer it over a lighter or warmer clothes depending on the weather. They are easy to get on and off, wash well and look adorable on baby boys and girls.

The white and cream Angel Jackets make for a gorgeous outfit to introduce your baby to your friends and family, or for some stunning black and white photos of your bub. They are also perfect Christening gowns.

The beautiful range of colours allow you to choose something that is just right for your new arrival. Classic bluebell and perfect pink, sunny yellow or vibrant red.

They are in the Shnookies etsy shop right now! Check it out, tell your friends and leave me a message...

PS. The white and cream Angel Jackets are not yet listed in the Shnookies etsy shop. If you are interested, just convo me on etsy. They are absolutely beautiful!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Etsy shop update!

The Shnookies etsy shop has just been updated with gorgeous new stock!

Go take a look- such beautiful things!

Baby succulents

Here are some baby succulents I have potted recently. Aren't they cute? The retro glazed pots seem to suit them so well.

To grow your own succulents, simply take a single leaf from an existing plant. Let it rest somewhere for a couple of days, so the base callouses over. Then plant it in damp soil and water it again after a few days.

(Or if you are lazy like me, plant it immediately in dry-ish soil and then water a couple of days later.)

Succulents seem to like lots of sun and a bit of water. They can cope with very little water, but seem to do better if they are given a drink!

One of my favourite succulents, the jelly bean ones seen here, came from Jasmin from Mummy's Favourite Things. Thank you- from just one leaf I have grown so many little plants!

So go walk to a friend's house. Take a beautiful tote bag- Bundarra bags are the best. Ask to have a leaf from one or two of their nicest succulents, and start your own succulent garden!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Muji love

How I love you Muji. Why won't you come to Australia? We need your simple, affordable, gorgeous Japanese everything.

Simple homewares

I cant get enough of the neutral colours and minimalist design. It's a little like Ikea, with homewares, furniture, storage as well as travel goods, clothing and food. But much more stylish and zen!

New York in a box toy set

Muji products are streamlined, have very little packaging, are often recyclable and are unbranded. In fact, I'm told that Muji means 'without brand'!

Music box

Have you shopped at Muji? Do you feel the way I do?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Magnificent pinks

Here are some incredible eucalyptus blossoms and pink tiger lilies I was given for my birthday. It is wonderful to see the WA eucalypts that have been grafted onto Eastern varieties cropping up all over Sydney. Such abundant colourful flowers! Gorgeous!

And here is something pink and perfect for a little girl. Soft and warm, classic in style and all hand made. Something about this soft pink makes every baby glow! Its an absolute classic, and an irresistible colour for girls.

The Angel Jacket is hand made in 100% Australian wool, with ribbon trim. So delicate, soft and warm. What do you think?

Coming soon to the Shnookies etsy shop!

Update: The Shnookies etsy shop is now stocked with a fantastic range of Angel Jackets. Have a look!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garden makeover

The garden today, and when first planted.

When we moved in to our house, the garden was in a terrible state. Full of weeds, grass, rubbish and inappropriate plants (rubber trees, ficus). There were also two enormous trees dominating the small space and destroying the garden wall.

Over the months we pulled every single thing out of the garden, cleaned up the soil, added brick edges to the beds, laid down turf, had the giant trees removed, and planted out an Australian native garden and a herb garden.

And it grew and grew!

Click here if you'd like to see some before shots of the garden.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sharing birthdays

To all of you who share a birthday with someone you love... isn't it wonderful!? Whether it's the day before or after, or the very same day, it absolutely amplifies the joy.

Babies born on the same day as mum, husband and wife sharing their birthdays, and of course twins and multiples. All so lucky to be able to celebrate each year together!

So happy birthday to me ... and to you!

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