Thursday, January 13, 2011

Succulents by the door

What could be easier or more satisfying than growing succulents? These are all grown from cuttings from friends and family.

I'm not sure why they are such happy plants. All they ask for is a sunny spot and a little water. A lovely crimson glazed pot helps too!

These vibrant colours make for such a cheerful greeting by the front door. I am looking forward to giving away some little plants grown from cuttings from these ones. 

Have a look here to see the baby plants I have potted up! And here to see a trailing succulent in the shaded garden.


Our thoughts are with everyone facing the terrible floods in Queensland. We hope that all of the affected communities can get through the next few days without too much more suffering. The loss and devastation is heartbreaking.

To help, go check out and support the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal Auctions.



  1. Yeah th pot. I think my succulents need a bit of love. Been a bit distracted the past year!

  2. Good pots are hard to find! You have to keep at eye out at nurseries. Mum and I always have a few good ones if you need :)


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